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Sex Drive - Durham Electronics

Originally built for Charlie Sexton in 2001. It's designed to boost the guitar's level, adding more bottom-end and sustain while not affecting the amp's natural tone.

What first got my attention when I engaged the Sex Drive was the transparency of the pedal. This thing really maintained the original tone of the amp I was playing through, only adding more sustain, gain and level as I allowed. I was immediately impressed with how natural the pedal sounded and felt as I played, even when switching guitars

Even the compression works great with this pedal. The bypassed and soft setting were the most natural sounding, the soft setting helped to even everything out a bit and when switched to the hard compression setting, the pedal was still smooth and transparent. It seems like the compression comes in handy when increasing the gain of the pedal, keeping the sound controlled and even. I prefer a more wide open sound myself, so I liked the soft and bypassed compressions the most.

$220 Shipped



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