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Sell MP3s at gigs

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From the site:
"DiscRevolt provides physical solutions for digital delivery of media. For artists, DiscRevolt is a way to sell downloads through artist-specific download cards. Artists upload songs to the DiscRevolt site and design artwork for a plastic download card. DiscRevolt prints the cards with a unique redemption code on the back, and artists then sell them to fans at live shows. Fans enter that access code on the DiscRevolt site and receive credits to download that artist's media."

Wondering what others think of this product offering.

Do you think this would work? As a supplement to the usual CD sales or to replace CD sales? Or is it too early for this idea to really take off?
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CDBaby has been great to deal with, from a customer's point of view.

As a HiFi enthusiast, mp3 format is worthless. Gimme a CD or at least a .flac, but no mp3's please ;)
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