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david henman said:
...beyond all the uninformed opinions, name calling and idiotic celebrity bashing there are probably some real issues, and genuine truths, on both sides. i have found it very difficult to get any real information on this. it may be that that mcartneys, who i believe are well-meaning (they DON'T need the attention) and other celebrity activists, are poorly informed, or even aiming at the wrong target. conversely, while i find it hard to believe that our government would cover up the truth, it wouldn't be the first time...
I have no doubt there's some truth in what you say David.

Being one of those barbaric Newfoundlanders myself, I will have this to say...

First, on the issue of Costco pulling seal oil capsules, regardless of whether it was purely economic as they publicly claim or pressure from that Watson dillhole. All of Canada is up in arms saying "boycott Costco". Well, I went to the local Costco yesterday, and for the first time since I can remember the staff outnumbered the customers. I think it's just a little silly really. The simple fact is Costco here in St. John's was the first store to start the big box store trend that has created 3 new shopping areas with half a dozen or more of these huge stores (Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Future Shop, etc, etc). They triggered a boost to the local economy and provided a whole lot of new jobs to the area. I saw BRAVO to that. I don't see the point of persecuting a bunch of local folks who need those Costco jobs just because the head honchos pulled one product that is a miniscule percentage of their overall sales. Do we boycott Wal-Mart because they refuse to carry certain music or movies due to what they caim is objectionable content - i.e. censorship? Nope. I understand the need to make a point, but I find the approach rather pointless and basically self-destructive.

Second, on the celebrity issue. I see it this way. Most of the celebrity activists (the vocal ones anyway) are generally has-beens (McCartney & Bardot) or never-was types (Anderson). All they're doing is trying to give themselves some ligitimacy & make themselves more visible. It's all about the coin.

And as for Watson, the humane society, and all of their friends, I think one of my fellow posters really hit the nail on the head. They NEED the seal hunt. It's an annual revenue stream for them - nothing more. Without it (and similar "causes"), these organizations would have no reason to exist & no funding to maintain themselves. You'll never convince me there isn't a self-serving purpose behind it all for any protester.

I'm not saying some of these people don't legitimately care about the animals - just that the figureheads have a hidden ajenda. And the humane society does a lot of excellent & valuable work in other areas. I think they're a little misguided on this issue however.

As for the government, I'd not so deluded that I don't realize there's some rhetoric on their part. However, I feel it is justified in this case since the protestors campaign is uninformed and misleading at best, and more accurately I would call it a propaganda campaign. I know for a FACT that much of it is barefaced lies.

Regarding the humanity of the hunt, I ask you this. Is it any more inhumane than hanging a bunch of chickens by their feet & sending them to an assembly-line style slaughter? You don't see activists crying about the slaughter of pigs, chickens & cows because they're not cute & cuddly like baby seals. If there's no photo op, there's no protest.

Finally, a few points that activists like to ignore...

- Whitecoats haven't been hunted in Canada in about 20 years, yet whitecoats are still the focal point of the protests, even to the point of using archive footage from over 20 years ago.
- The seal population has more than tripled in the last decade. Meanwhile, their primary food stocks...have been practically decimated and show no real signs of recovery. Yet, there are more & more seals chowing down. Does anyone else see a recipe for disaster for the seal population there?
- The pelts are a revenue stream, and the primary one without a doubt. However, the rest of the carcass is not wasted (or should I say it doesn't need to be). Some of the meat is eaten locally. There is a niche market for seal oil. And, the asians are buying anything left that's not used. So, it's not wasteful.

And my final comment. With the millions of dollars celebrities & activists are pumping into these protests, I wonder how much food & meds could be shipped to starving & sick families... Just a thought.

Boy - that turned into a long rant! Think I'll stop now.
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