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Seal Hunt

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Anybody’s following the harp seal hunt? Unjustified, outdated and truly horrific practice? Or put white sheets on the floor of any slaughterhouse and you’ll see lots of blood too?

Am I wrong to think that Paul & Heather, Mick (Jagger), Brigitte Bardot and company are taking this a little too far?
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Here are my 2 cents on that.Nobody's wrong or right on this issue, if man had never started fishing in the great north, the seal and fish population would have been balanced by the laws of nature, if by that, a species would have been exterminated, well be it, we call that evolution. But there are tons of dough to be made by fishing up there and the seal pay the price.If maybe they'd find some other way of killing them(like drowning them to a slow and peaceful death...humor). Nobody would be talking about it.I'm really not into seal clubbing ,but we don't have a say, some big foreign corporations do.

:2guns:--------> seal.

sorry for my french Canadian accent:D
Well's someone with a ''challenged'' point of view...but you've got the right to your opinion so...

:2guns: ---->stupid and shallow posts
I was talking ''extinction'' on the long term,and your right, the snowy backdrop doesn't help. you seem really up to date on that issue. I'm not against it,I just think we should'nt get the bad wrap for what foreign companies(because there are) do on our land, but we're as guilty because we support it. The media as to send a clear message that it's always been like this and we won't change a multi million business overnight to please ''media hungry superstars''
Capital letters= SHOUTING! Pipe down son...Thanks
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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