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The Scumback DBL is a reactive load attenuator that attenuates (limits) the signal from your amp to your speakers so that you can get cranked guitar amp tones at reasonable volumes without having the cops haul you to jail.

Formerly the "Alex Attenuator", the Scumback DBL has been enhanced and upgraded with high temperature Teflon wiring, dual speaker jacks, new knobs that are easier to read, and front handles for easy placement and moving.

  • Attenuation from -3, -6, -9 and -12db stepped increments.
  • In the -12db position, two more controls are engaged. One is a four position treble adjustment control, which allows you to tailor your treble response at bedroom volumes for different pickups and player taste. The second is a variable decibel level from -12db down to no output at all.
  • Line out jack w/level control to send the signal to other devices (mixer, etc).
  • The DBL does NOT need a power source.
  • Additional treble control to make up for high end loss as volume decreases
  • It's dimensions are 11" wide x 8.5" deep x 5" tall. Weight is 11 lbs.
These are currently unavailable to buy as the parts are apparently hard to get these days. This one works perfectly, but has been used and has some scratches and scuffs. Works as well or better as any attenuator I have owned (Alex's, Weber, Aracom, Rockmaster, SPL Reducer)

$600 shipped with emt. No trades please.


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