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For the OP and anybody else who's been ripped off, I feel your pain. This is why I don't use Reverb or eBay. I don't even use this forum. I will not buy anything from an individual without holding it in my hands first. It is my personal policy and I will not deviate from it. It became my policy after being burned a couple of times. Thankfully on lower cost items but the lesson was still learned. I will still buy from a well known and reputable retailer over distance but not from an individual. I have also, on rare occasions, sold gear to an individual over distance but not because I advertised outside of my local area. They asked me to ship. As for buying, if it's too far for me to justify driving to see it then it was never meant to be mine.
Ita funny, I would whole heartedly agree with what you say other than this forum. For reasons I cannot comprehend I dont even batt an eye at sending money to members on the hope and a prayer something comes back :)
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