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I was working on scalar related exercises and figured I would share them with the forum in case anyone was interested.

Take a C Major scale for example. You learn it ascending and descending in interval of seconds. This is fine and dandy but there is no point in practicing scales like this forever because it will eventually become a waste of time. When you practice something you already know, you aren't really practicing. You wouldn't sit down and practice an open G chord for 30 minutes would you? You already know how to do that so you wouldn't be learning anything from mindlessly playing it for that amount of time. The same principle applies to scales.

To get around this, you can practice scales using:

Different intervals such as 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6th, and finally 7ths.
Practicing them on 1 string, then 2 strings, etc.
Practicing them in triads/arpeggios - The C Major scale would be a Cmaj arpeggio, then a D minor, E minor, F Major, etc.
Practicing the scales while simultaneously saying/singing the note you're playing (harder than it sounds)

If one employs all these methods to each mode and each key they become a wizard. Anyone find these tips useful?

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