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I decided to do a Washburn I've been working on, in Chrysler's 'Intense Blue Pearl' which looks real nice, and I can go to Canadian Tire and buy it pre-made in that Dupli-Colour Perfect Match paint.

Thing is, I want a satin/matte finish. I know, some people just paint it gloss and sand it to 2000 grit or something, but from what I've read, it's better to use a matte finish clear instead.

I contacted Dupli-Color who makes the paint, which is an acrylic lacquer, but they don't make a matte clear in the acrylic lacquer... only enamel I believe. From what I've heard, if you paint with a certain type of paint, you should use the same type as a clear coat. Otherwise mixing types can cause issues.

I had a side mirror I painted once, came out perfect... for about a year, then turned into dried orange peel. I suspect I mixed types. :)

Anyways... looking to see if anyone knows of a brand that makes matte clear acrylic lacquer... or I guess, if a place to get the blue I want mixed as enamel... or a 3rd option.

Only local place that mixes in rattle cans is CarQuest, and the guy said it's also acrylic lacquer.
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