Please no trades on this! They sell for $2500 USD new and there is a lengthy waiting list!

Payment with etransfer and I ship only with Canadapost with full tracking and insurance.

Regrettably, Selling my beloved Satellite Amps Atom. (This is a hard one as I've had it for 13 years and it’s been my go to for that whole time!)

These are amazing amps handmade by Adam Grimm at Satellite Amps in San Diego, CA, USA. They sound incredible and sound like the classic Vox AC30 and Marshall Plexi tones that we all know and love so well! Adam describes them as a great blend of the two. It’s really got the sparkle, chime and snarl of both of those amps.
It has amazing tone and incredible natural breakup. At 36 watts too its easily enough to play in a band, records beautifully and take pedals great.

36 Watts
Four EL-84s, two 12AX7s, 5AR4 / GZ34 tube rectifier (Switchable to solid state)
Standby / Off / On, Volume, Tone, High & Low Inputs
2 Switchable 4, 8, or 16 ohm outputs
Custom wound Mercury Magnetics transformers

The Atoms simplicity is its beauty! Find where you want the volume and tone the set it and forget it. I had it set for good crunch and then used just a boost pedal or my guitar volume and tone to change sounds from a roar to a chimey clean. There is a reason bands like the Supersuckers, Social Distortion, and even Steely Dan use(d) Satellite Amps...It’s sort of like their secret tone weapon!

Originally it had some heavy black sparkle tolex on it that was getting very very worn and peeling off. So, I sent it off to my buddy and fellow forum member Jones Sound. He recovered the amp in Marshall style tolex and added the cool piping at the same time. It looks great and is in extremely good shape as I haven't played any gigs with it since it was recovered.

At one time I was going to have a master added to it and thankfully changed my mind. Of course, this was right after my tech had already drilled the hole on the back for the pot for the master on the back (the hole is currently cover by some tape).

Has newer Sovtek tubes (the rectifier is an older Mesa 5AR4) and it was given a good once over when I had it in the shop.

Really a fantastic amp and I'm sure I will miss it but I feel it’s time to move it on.

Please no lowball offers or trades at this time! Price is firm at this low price!

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