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You must have a good vacuum cleaner.
Actually I do, I have a Dyson.

Beautiful cat.
Thanks Bob. :)
But, long haired cats are high maintenance. I hope you brush her regularly.
Yes, she gets brushed everyday.

In Sandy’s mind, she has been letting you serve her for 5 years.
Yeah, my other cats probably think that way as well. ;)
So beautiful. Happy Bday
Sandy says "Thanks". :)
70's centerfold fierce.
Am i the only one aroused ?
No comment. :)

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I hesitate to say I miss having a cat after the last one was so weird, but now and again it's nice to visit someone who has a cat. One of my kids has a great, chill, affectionate cat that almost makes me want another.

Our last one, George Armstrong Cat, was a Leafs fan, but that was just about his only redeeming quality.

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Today was the fifth anniversary for my cat Sandy. Hard to believe she's been with me that long already. Here's a picture I took of her to mark the occasion:

View attachment 455804

She's also going to be turning six on January the first.
was one of her parents a calico?
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