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There is a bit of a battle going on between the owner of that Sam's in Belleville and the Province. Business-owners are permitted to put signs by the highway pointing to the direction/location of their business IF the business has some sort of touristic or historic value, or is part of a general availability (like those signs that show a half-dozen eateries near the exit/entrance ramp to the highway. Last Sam the Record Man store wants to be designated a tourist attraction | Metro Toronto

The Sam's owner is arguing that, as the very last instance of what used to be a national chain, it has historic/touristic significance, and should be able to plunk a sign on the 401. The province views it as just another business, and tantamount to having a highway sign indicating that there is a Source, Sobey's, or Moore's nearby.

We always stop off at Quinte Mall on the way to Orillia every year, and there is often a brief venture into that Sam's as part of it. It may not have the legendary 3rd floor, but it is every bit as jam-packed and chaotic as the former Yonge St. location.
What takes you to Orillia every year?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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