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The GP-8 was the first unit to combine analog and digital effects under programmable control. I believe that there was a couple of all digital multi-fx that had come out in '87 distortion has come a long way since then (.... it still sucks today so imagine back then). The first analog multi-fx would be the Ibanez UE-400????? pssst, you can often find them for cheaper than one of the 4 pedals they contain.

back to the GP-8, I still have mine (afaik the first one sold in Montreal) and it's a fine sounding may have to change the battery at some point so back up your programs via midi (that's why I'm "sysex guy" you know).

Someday.....some 19 year whose dating super model xyz between rehab will have a big record using a GP-8 and our units will sell for thousands on ebay:D :D

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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