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Rockman ultralight

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Here's a blast from the past

I discovered an old Rockman ultralight. In the original box. Still working quite ok.

Anydody else got this gizmo? I guess the corporation that built these int the mid '80 does not exist anymore right?

If any of you guys know how to clean the knobs/faders on that thing let me know

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These units were all made by Scholz Research and Development. This was Tom Scholz of the Band Boston. The company was purchased by Dunlop back in the early 90's and the only thing they carried on from the line was the Smart gate, Which they sell under another name and packaging.

The Ultra Light was an extension of the X100 and Original Rockman units. A clip on your belt, earphone set-up. I cannot offer up any professional cleaning tips but I am sure someone on here can.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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