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The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame should have really been named The Popular Music Hall Of Fame. We went early this summer (2007) and it was a great experience. But as the name says, we expected seeing a lot more “rock and roll” memorabilia. Not that we were disappointed, but we were a little surprised that a great number of rock and roll artists were not represented. You can see several outfits that Michael Jackson wore on stage for various tours or videos that he’s done and yet there is absolutely nothing from Alice Cooper for instance. Which one is more rock and roll here? Madonna has a few outfits on display and letters that she wrote when she was in college yet Van Halen (who was inducted in 2007) has nothing on display at all.

The task is quite daunting and especially when they try to cover the very beginnings of rock & roll through blues and its several influences, styles and evolution as well as the radio revolution and how it has influenced pop music. It’s a work in progress and they have several special exhibits lasting a few months and things like that so that in time they will cover and possibly add most R&R artists to their permanent exhibits but like I have said, it should really be called something like Popular Music Hall of Fame because that’s what it is really all about.

Nevertheless, it’s amazingly interesting. We thought that we needed about 2 to 4 hours to make it through the whole thing. We travelled from Toronto and we arrived late afternoon, early evening so we decided to wait until the next day. Good thing we did! We went the next day right from the opening at 10am and by about 4pm, we had made it to the 4th floor where we stopped and had a cup of coffee and rested our sore feet. The day went by just like that!! And we still had half of the 4th floor and the 5th floor to go (it’s a pyramid-like building so there are lots more to see on the lower floors).

GC, there is nothing earth-shattering about the nominees for 2008 but I suppose that there is something for everyone.

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