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At the age of 96.

Jon Hendricks, 96, Who Brought a New Dimension to Jazz Singing, Dies

I was introduced to the music of Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross in the 70's. Mind-blowing vocals, the trio essentially attempted to mimic many of the jazz quintets and sextets of their time, but replacing all brass and reeds with vocals. I suspect most folks here will have a tangential awareness of their work through Joni Mitchell's cover of their song "Twisted".

These guys could swing something fierce, and pretty much defined scat. Rather than scat simply being nonsense, they scatted so as to be able to mimic instrument solos without being weighed down by words and the timing and parsing obliged by them (although they had fun with words, too) Dave Lambert passed away in 1966. Annie Ross is still alive.
Here's their cover of the JOhn Coltrane tune "Mr. PC", and Coltrane's original cut for comparison.
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