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Walked into the local geetar emporium a couple weeks ago and the slick talkin' guy behind the counter says " Hey Jim, I got somethin' to show ya" while putting a nice black Fender case on the counter. I go over and look, and it's a new Strat, HSS, maple neck and I say "nice, but it's HSS and a maple neck" being a single coil and rosewood board kind of guy. he says "try it" so I plug it into a Blues Jr., dime the BMT and set the gain/vol up for a nice bit of grit and start to play. Few minutes later he comes over says "waddya think?' and tells me it's a seven year old Lonestar, with two Texas Specials and a Pearly gates by SD. Big fat Tele style neck. Green metallic finish with MOP pickguard... I'm in love! I drop $50 on the counter and call the guy jonesin' for my Gibson J-45, and a few days later she's mine!
Turns out I was the first guy who looked, but not the last. Two other guys came to see it after I dropped the deposit, and before I got it out of the store another employee offered me the sell price plus $100 and another offered a Les Paul Studio AND a mexi standard with Duncan's on trade!
No pictures, but will post if they become available.

So I've still got money from the J-45 deal, and go to the Taylor Road show a couple nights later. After the show the owner gives a special offer for all in attendance: for the rest of the week all in stock Taylor's are 25% off US list! and I go home with a 2006 214E...solid maple back/sides and spruce top, built in pickup; with hard case, extra strings and a leather strap: not the greatest looker, but she sure can sing.
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