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Sure, I'll play.

Went from a Deville to this setup, when I realized the rare boutqiue cab I aquired, was loaded with mid 60's celestion g.backs.....

For $100. x-). Running a Mesa F100 head until I can get my dirty hands on a vintage piece. GEAR/Mesa-69halfstack-1-1.jpg

Heres the board: GEAR/PedalBoard-08-1.jpg

I tend to swap the 535 for my original wah, depending on mood and gig.

And a family shot of the gear GEAR/IMG_0996.jpg

strat closest to amp was sold for crack or something.

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Just picked up another Peavey Butcher 4x12 with Celestion K85s, and yesterday I picked up the Soldano Hot Rod 100 Plus.

How is you SOldano? I heard many god things about the Super Lead Overdrive and the HOt Rod is supposed to have the SLO channel! Is the drive channel is good?
How's the clean channel?
361 - 380 of 1119 Posts