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Rig Pics!

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I'll start: :banana:

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No it's a LTD EC-1000, but they look the same! :smile: For the price and quality, the LTD guitars are a very good buy.
nice looking guitars!!!!!!! ihave the LTD EC-1000 in black, it had emg's in it but i like the passives better so i replaced them also i replaced all the hardwear from gold to chrome... excellent quality:food-smiley-004:
Nice Cat! And I dig the Marshall cab too! They make a nice combo together!
This looks fantastic! I wonder if you can get Recto tones from this baby?

Im in. Two set ups

One big

One small

Sanx for the chance to show

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I don't think there are too many of these in Canada. This is a 2005 Allen Old Flame 2x10. I got it less than a month ago so I'm very much in the honeymoon phase, but I'd say it's one of the five best amps that I've played (at any price). I think this one is here to stay.

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I sort of posted this in the guitars thread (because my guitar is in the picture) but it's worth repeating...

The cab is great - v30 + g12H30, I'm really glad I went with that combination.
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That Bogner is making me jealous. Luckily, it is so far out of my price range that I won't lose sleep over whether or not to buy it.

The stock guitar pickups have been replaced with 496R/500T out of my friend's Explorer. I find them to be quite a bit hotter (obviously) than the stock 490s, but also much more responsive to volume and tone dialing (especially when being used with an OCD)

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I don't think I've posted this here yet...

1971 (I think) Garnet BTO into an Ampeg 610. 1992 Music Man Stingray

I run a cheap ass Ibanez delay, a big muff sometimes and a Rotovibe. Just got a Crybaby Bass wah to throw in there as well, but band practice hasn't happened yet.
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My amps!

My guitar amp collection. Line 6 Flextone Plus with JBL Cab underneath and a Peavey TG Raxx / ADA Microcab in rack above - Tech 21 Tri A.C., Line 6 POD 2.0, PV TG Raxx # 2, Mesa Boogie 50/50 Tube Power Amp, Tech 21 Trademark 120, Homemade 200 watt 2 x12 sealed cab, Mesa Boogie Mark III, Mesa Boogie 1 x 12 Thiele cabinet, Mesa Boogie Mark Series 4 x 12, Peavey 1 x 12 ValveKing, Tech 21 Trademark 60 and a Tech 21 Power Engine 60.
1963 SG JR & 1957 Supro Golden Holiday

A couple of things from my jam room . Forgive the messy surroundings .

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Heres my Metal Rig. Although I don't play it as much as I used to it still rocks... :rockon2:
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Here is the amp & git-fiddles :)

red knob twin

2 of the guitars a Gibson Les Paul BFG & an Epiphone Skynyrd 30th Anniversary Ed. ( just sold the epi goldtop...)

the tele that is being refinished currently..
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Very nice!!!!:bow:
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