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Rig Pics!

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I'll start: :banana:

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Here is my current rig.

50's Danelectro amp,66 Deluxe Reverb with a Fulltone TTE on top, 73 Champ,
67 ES-335.

Pedals are all Fulltone: OCD,DP,Fat Boost, and ChoralFLange.

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Love the distortion side of the GT-500, little more gain on tap than the OCD and a great eq to boot. Not sure what to make of the OD/Boost side yet, but I have not had it that long.
if they release other 'limited' edition colour TTEs, will U be able to resist?
BTW, love my plain vanilla blonde TTE.
I think the fact that I own 3 TTE's answers that question. Would love to see a tweed one.
1 - 4 of 1130 Posts