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First off some nice gear shots for sure from the members!

I try to keep things simple and run minimal effects. Usually I run just a Wah ( Dunlop Wah from Hell ), Delay/chorus ( Visual Sound H2O ), overdrive/boost/distortion ( Soldano Supercharger GTO ) and sometimes a tuner ( Planet Waves Strobe ). Another "effect" I use a lot is the Ebow.
Sometimes I will also A/B two amps with a Morley A/B/Y.
I do not have a board I just carry things in a bag and set up my simple effects chain.

I run my Lynch Box Head and cab, or my Soldano Hot Rod 50 thru the Lynch Box Cab, and Koch Multitone 100 2x12.

Guitars will depend on what I need... if live it's usually my Washburn N4 Padauk & Michael Kelly Patriot Phoenix, or Gibson SG & PRS CE22, depending on the situation... but I usually have a trem and non trem guitar on hand. Right now my live playing is minimal but things are changing as we speak.
I do however regularilly play cover music sets twice a week. Right now I'm forming a band to do live shows so that involves a lot of time and again more playing.
If I'm recording I'll use just about anything I own to get the sounds and performance I need... other than listed above Music Man Silhouette Special, LTD M350, Larivee V, Boss Br1600 CD Version II.

1 - 5 of 1119 Posts