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Rig Pics!

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I'll start: :banana:

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jaymeister said:
Killer rig gproud. I see you are running only one speaker in the cab? Sorta like a large that the intention?
Yeah. It's a 'detuned' cab. I've always been interested in trying it. So I took a speaker out and left the Hellatone 30 in it to run with my 18 Watt TMB. The sound improvement was unbelievable. Fuller, more open, and the 30 watt speaker breaks up very nicely with the amp.
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The OCD's appear to be set the same...what are you using them for?
The one on the top is always on, base tone kind of thing. LP switch and pretty low gain. The other is set the same but has more grit to it with the HP switch on.
The Fender amp needs to be centered on that stand. I think I may be getting OCD.
Great pedal...
1 - 4 of 1130 Posts