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Rig Pics!

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I'll start: :banana:

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Hey Skoczylas, what is the hidden guitar behing your Crate amp??
Woooww! That rig is too huge man! Hope you are not in a block with neibourgs!
But you probably have a really nice groove out of it!
Just by curiosity wich compagny is that Les Paul? Never saw that before!
Maybe in the prairies it's different but you guys don't have any rule about the silence in a public librairy? I'm pretty sure this rig can blow up a biology research!!! :p
So you did a little bit of shopping since the last pic? I love your amps collection, I'm so jaleous of that two Orange amps, I hope I'll be able to put my hands on one soon! How is your new Les Paul?
Wow, nice work!!! You have a nice guitar by the way! :D
Nice rig!!!
May I ask you why there's a patch cable between two input jack?
Just picked up another Peavey Butcher 4x12 with Celestion K85s, and yesterday I picked up the Soldano Hot Rod 100 Plus.

How is you SOldano? I heard many god things about the Super Lead Overdrive and the HOt Rod is supposed to have the SLO channel! Is the drive channel is good?
How's the clean channel?
No more love for Orange amps?
I really love your guitar combo, nice choice! :D
Whoa, two Peters amps...Nice!!
Whic channels do you have on them?
I seriously love your rig!!!
I really love your board. I mean the board it self. Seriously, this is nice work!
Weel done, sire!
Thanks for the interest, I have thought about doing some limited custom work, so you comment is genuinely encouraging to me. I'll let you know once Version 3.0 is finished, I'm just in Hamilton so 25 minutes away.

I'm not sure of the dimensions of the PP2+, but there is lots of room underneath and access is good for cords and cables
Costum job would be really nice! Your build are sick! :) I really love the overall look, so classy!
Hooo nice!
How does it sounds Al?
@Ian: Scuse the stupid question, but what are the two other components? (I'm a rack gear noob)
So you can just plug into a PA and you're done?
Crapy cell pic but you get the idea.

Traded and sold stuff during the past weeks to get this fun rig.

So, here we go.

AVRI 62 Jag or Les Paul Trad > Korg Pitch Black > EHX POG > Blackout effector Musket Fuzz > Boss DD20 > traynor YBA-1 modded by Richard Zinky to plexi specs > 1960A classic cab.

Souds HUGE!

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Les paul studio (soon to be jb/jazz) - tu3 - micro pog - ocd v4 - micro amp - dd3 - flashback x4 - blue sky - afterneath - freeze - '83 JCM800 2203.

Its fun.

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With these pedalboard, I'm guessing that you're in an ambaint and?
Would like to try the freeze, how do you use it?
Really nice rig!!!
I also like you guitar choice!
Wich bass amp are you using with the jazz bass?
Really nice rig!!!
I also like you guitar choice!
Wich bass amp are you using with the jazz bass?
Finally got a matching 2x12 cab to go with my 1972 Park 75 head!

Quick pic:

Woah, nice rig!!!!!
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