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Rig Pics!

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I'll start: :banana:

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yeah that is nice...I dig the racing stripe on the amp!!

nice LPJ too....

nice G&L!!

this is a great sounding setup:

so's this, smaller combo for when I can't make so much *****! noise:

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yeah, you're right.....I read les paul wanted it like that so it would look good with a tuxedo...classy

and I owe thx to a couple guys on this bb

ssdeluxe: for the killer '57 RI les paul, thx again!!

faracaster & soldano16: for the hiwatt head & cab, that was split up for a time...but reunited again :food-smiley-004: it sounds f***ing glorious
nice old G&L there....must be an early '80's? which model is it? nighthawk?

First post here...Your Rig is SWEET...Love the Natural wood look...
hey bolero, which sweet little supro is that keeping the sg company?

heh, thx guys!!

supro is a 1624, and what a killer little amp it is!! 1x12, with tremolo...I replaced the stock jensen with a's cool you can daisy chain the 2 channels like a marshall. very aggressive sounding amp, uses those weird 6793 power tubes. output transformer is at the bottom of the cab; I don't know why some old amps do that, strange. maybe it evolved from the OT's they mounted on the speaker frames way back

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hollowbody that's a great setup...congrats!!


ps is that a RI JTM45? hard to tell from the pic


greg, I think '87 was the first year for strat pluses? I bought one new but (argh) sold it when I was down & out

northern...what's the scoop on that LP?
My newest Traynor rig a YBA300 and TC810

nice!! those new Traynor 8x10 cabs are built like tanks!! and sound great
great shot!!

and beautiful 535.....the blue one ain't too shabby either :D

Heritage H535.
Trinity Tramp, Mesa 1x12.
Works for me.

View attachment 64601 Here's my power section these days.
'82 2203 JCM800, and '73 1992 Superbass.

that superbass & cab is super badass!!
1 - 11 of 1130 Posts