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Hello Guitars Canada. This message is for beginners and experts alike, both can benefit.

Advanced guitar techniques you've likely never seen before, developed almost 30 years ago:

A slide guitar song I wrote showing advanced technique:

Learn the advanced technique I used in that song:

Must see the prerequisite radical advanced technique behind it all:
EDIT: Replaced URL: Now cleaned, shortened etc.

Watch all my videos in this series, I hope you'll get a kick,
I also teach how to use a whammy bar - PROPERLY:
Razor Tim

The videos are homemade, sorry if the guitar is a bit too loud over my voice.

I got some push-back elsewhere questioning the word 'revolutionary'.
What do you think? Too bold?

In the interest and love of Rock and Roll and guitar,
I share this knowledge to help others keep the music alive.

Thank you.
Razor Tim.
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