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Revisiting the Line 6 Pod XT

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I have way too much gear and over the last year, I have sold off my collection of great sounding solid state practice amps.

No great loss, most of you must be thinking, but, the little units were great for late night or instant noodling on the fly, whenever some long forgotten tune enters my head.

I should have kept at least one of them. Each one had a flavour and was ready to go at a flick of a switch.

Anyway, I pulled out some old modelling gear and quickly came to the realization why most of them got mothballed. Ease of use, remembering how to get to and where, has always been a personal nightmare for me.

Out came the old Pod XT. On its own it always sounds quite impressive to me at reasonable volumes, but I often got carried away tweaking. Today I just simply plugged it in, it was still set up as I last left it, and it accomplished what I set out to do. It is set with a power bar, and a good set of Roland studio monitors. Hit the power bar switch, plug in, get myself comfortable and it delivers. It will take a little time to get used to knowing the highlights of the old Pod, but it has always been the easiest unit for me to figure out, and achieve reasonably inspiring tone.

This just might work for late night endeavours.
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I just sold a Line 6 POD2 and an HD 300. Before I sold em I was really on the fence about selling both because of the idea you just presented here. It pays to hold on to old gear occasionally depending on the circumstance.
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