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I just bought my second Reverend! A Flatroc this time.

I found a great Canadian dealer, but I don't know if it's ok to link a store's site on here or not.

I tried contacting Capsule and they wouldn't return my emails or calls. Plus they never have any stock anyway. This place has plenty of stock.

I guess email me if you want details, or if it's ok to post a link someone let me know.
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Robert, this was a mail order. It will be here next week.

I can tell you from my experiences with my Charger 290 I have absolutely zero hesitation buying one without playing it. Even though the prices have gone up a bit now that Reverend doesn't sell direct, they are the best value out there IMO. Wilkinson hardware, fantastic pickups, great build quality.

I went with the Les Trem option again on this one. It adds about $100 to the price, but they are a great unit.

From all reports the Flatroc does Gretsch almost as well as a Gretsch.

Here is a clip on youtube of an older Flatroc with a Bigsgy. Same pickups though. Not the best quality clip but it gives you a taste:

And last but not least the dealer is Underdog Music Co in Sasksatoon. They are a licensed Rev dealer. They were fantastic to deal with over the phone, and the people working there are all playing Reverends right now! Their sentiments on them echo mine. There prices are a hair better then Capsules too. I pay a little more in shipping then I would driving to Toronto, but they had every model to choose from and they actually returned my emails unlike Capsule.
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Since Reverend stopped selling direct, ALL the stores have raised their prices. The dealers in the States are now charging an average of $100 more per guitar. I don't think Capsules prices will stay that low for long, but who knows. They somehow have prices even lower then the US stores. They have a Buckshot listed for $499, which is lower than I have ever seen. Are their prices on the site in USD or CAD?

Capsule might have the best prices right now, but what good does that do me if they never have any stock? They never answered any of my emails about a specialty order, or shipping guitars either.

Technically, Underground's prices are below list price quoted on Rev's site (because the list is in USD). Also, the mistake on my part is I didn't try to talk them down at all. I am 100% sure you probably could. But again, compared to what I see places charges in the States now, and taking into account duties and taxes, I don't find Undergrounds prices aren't THAT high. Compared to Capsule, they are high. I just wanted to get the model I wanted right away and they are the first store to have it in stock.
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The Flatroc should be here this week guys. I will post some photos of it, my Charger 290 and my Reverend Goblin together.
Ok, got a few photos. I usually try to take better photos without the flash, but I was in a hurry this time.

The family:

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Woohoo! Glad to finally have another Reverend player on the forums. I'm glad you like the guitar.
I am loving my Flatroc. I have to admit the Charger has been collecting a little dust since I got the Flatroc. I love it too, but the Revtron pickups are such a great middle ground between my Tele and humbuckers. I did some recording with the Flatroc recently. When it's finished I will post it.
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