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I just bought my second Reverend! A Flatroc this time.

I found a great Canadian dealer, but I don't know if it's ok to link a store's site on here or not.

I tried contacting Capsule and they wouldn't return my emails or calls. Plus they never have any stock anyway. This place has plenty of stock.

I guess email me if you want details, or if it's ok to post a link someone let me know.
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I found a great Canadian dealer, but I don't know if it's ok to link a store's site on here or not.
Yes, please do. And tell us more about the Flatroc. Does it have a bit of Gretschiness to it???
And no PST. :D
I've noodled around on this one unplugged. The neck is in between a slim and a '59. Nice ring. Feels more like an LP special than an SG. It looks much better in person. They also have a Volcano, Warhawk II like above, a Charger 290 and a Buckshot
I'm particularly fond of these two.

I don't have a solid body humbucker guitar yet, so.........

But having no disposable income until next year,... and also wanting a Jimmy Vaughan Strat,... and wanting another amp. The G.A.S. pains are close to intolerable. So at time like this, I take liquid remedy. Currently it is Beck's.
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Just got the Reverend Newsletter. There are four new dealers in Canada. Have a look. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you get a chance win a Rev Axe.
A Sh*tload of Revs

I had two quick minutes the other day after attending a funeral, so I went into Capsule Music a few doors down. I really don't know how many more axes they get into that place. I looked around saw around ten Revs. The set necks they had were the Volanco, Daredevil HB, Warhawk II 390 and a Manta Ray HB. There were even more Set Necks. Two quick minutes didn't give me a chance to try any. :mad: But in case anyone was thinking about trying one, now would be a good time. The Daredevil and Warhawk were $550. The Manta Ray was $625. Flatrocs, Jetstreams and Club Kings too.
...i'll be getting a check in january for participating in a study. -dh
Is this one of the pharmaceutical studies where they use you to test new drugs or nuclear isotopes ??
Ooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! Diffusion Audio ???

Well I order a Reverend Manta Ray way back in July and it finally showed up today:

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