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Crate Power Block

It all boils down to taste, of course. That said, I finally auditioned the Crate Power Block with a Crate slant-cab 2X12 (Celestians) cab and a Pod Xt. From my perspective, it sounded quite good, punchy, loud with lots of nice low end. A had to push the Pod to its limits to get a real clean, sparkly high end, but I found this rig to be totally workable.

I've also read rave reviews here and there on the net. I guess people either love it or hate it, depending on their own taste. Also, at 4.5 Lbs, it beats lugging around a 75 Lb Fender Twin.

Yes, yes, I know..."Tubes are better" (cha cha cha).

Let the flames begin.


Jeff Cohen
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