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i was looking into new pickups for my Ibanez ARC 300 which is somewhat of a Les Paul clone but not really (remember the law suit model??) only because i unplugged my guitar and plugged in a 73 Gibson Goldtop with mini humbuckers and the sound was at least three times louder, so the ones i`m looking at are the DiMarzio PAF classics, they retail here in Peterbucket for 119$ each. Yeah i`m looking for that classic sound (Freddie King, Page) I want direct replacements and also should i replace anything else electronically speaking?
any help would be greatly appreciated, i`ve looked at the tone for days guy but thats not really what i`m looking for. Thanks
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I have a set of Fralin humbuckers (that are supposed to simulate the PAF's, not the overwound ones) and they are freakin awesome! I love them. They are not much more than other high end HB's. Very very nice tone, versatile with the tone and bridge/neck from deep, clear bassy blues to ripping edgey clean on the bridge.

I would get another set in a heartbeat.

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