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Familiar with the Rangemaster (Austin Treble Booster), this pedal can have some interesting sounds. I have been building differant types of boosts in my search for the one for me. I built one of these from the original schematic and used a GE transistor. When I plugged it in I was surprized, there is lots of boost but it is different than most I have tried. It made the sound a little fatter and at full gain a slight bit of the tube overdrive sound that I was looking for. Ok so now I have the design,lets change things , hmmm not to much to change here so I looked at ranges which involve cap values. I have built two more prototypes using switchable caps and found that using a higher value than original would shift your boost range. The second one I built is now being used everytime I play. I am now working on the final version which gives three ranges to select from. The key to this booster is in the biasing of the transistor....
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