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well Holland is really busy and I had to look after him while mom was at the hospital with my brothers family and my dad was doing farm chores and honestly it was hoot for the most part.

So What should you expect in a day with my two year nephew?

you can start with the cross between purring and dolphin type noise he’s always making.

the constant climbing, stealing my knock off yetti mug.

the running around the house making sure he leaves the doors shut or doesn’t touch the stove.

expect him to go Rawr 🦁 as he tries to copy his favourite character shrek 😂 the Scene when he yells “I AM AN OGER! Rawr”

he might yell at you because he can’t talk well yet but yet “ what’s that?” Is easy for him to say.

you can expect him to butcher my name when his mom or grandmother isn’t around.

he can really easily get hyper focused on something I legit was poking him while saying “holland,Holland” the other night .

you won’t expect hugs since he doesn’t like hug’s even though I get several.

your phone or tablets aren’t safe because he’ll steal them and start taking TikTok videos of himself or try to buy stuff on the App Store.

you can expect crocodile tears when he doesn’t get what he wants , but shove whatever he wants in your pockets and it stops .

if it’s nice outside and you have the stroller you can expect him to try to buckle himself in to go for a walk. He absolutely loves going for walks .

and don’t be surprised if he takes your blanket or crawls in next to you when you are watching tv. Oh he’ll Also steal your blanket.

don’t come sore because he likes jumping and will jump on you .
4301 - 4320 of 4368 Posts