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... but I never expected the DJ to gush over us for 12 total minutes of air time (including playing a 9 minute 2-part song). We've been played on this show once before that I know of, but this was just an amazing outpouring of love and support (the DJ also reposted our video on his facebook page). It's a great show for lovers of wyrd independent Canadian musics ( folk, [post]punk, garage, psyche, post-jazz, musique concrète, instrumental hiphop, experimanetal and electronic; pretty eclectic) that I try to listen to anyway; sending them back some love with a plug here (I've already thanked Luca on social media, and if we still have some, we'll send him one of our pic disc records). None of us know the guy and we're not sure how he heard of us (though he talks about that a tad on the show).

The Night Shift on CJRU 1280AM Toronto Wednesdays 22:00-00:00 (10 to midnight). If you're out of range or the timeslot ain't convenient you can catch their shows here at your leisure: TheNightShiftTO

Here's a link to this week's installment, featuring us, Ohmno:

There's other cool stuff, including the band they played after us and the bit at the start with Do Make Say Think. The bit about us starts at 1:36:57
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