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R2R Electric One Knob Treble Booster

Excellent condition with original box. Asking $old Shipped in Canada via UPS. Not really looking for anything particular but may look at other pedal trades.

Each One Knob Treble Booster features:
True to original Dallas Rangemaster circuit
AC107 germanium transistors
Vintage CTS, Centralab, Piher or Stackpole potentiometer
Philips or Sprague electrolytic capacitors
1960's Sprague Black Beauty or Bumblebee (when available) input capacitor
1960's Sprague Black Beauty or Bumblebee (when available) output capacitor
Allen-Bradley 1/2w, 1w & 2w carbon comp resistors
True Bypass switch
Handwired on phenolic terminal strip
Daka-Ware control knobs
Hammond 125b enclosure in Blue, Chrome or Raw Aluminum
Gas Circle Lock Security Machine
Font Sleeve Audio equipment Gas Gadget
Font Signature Book Metal Rectangle
1 - 2 of 2 Posts