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R.I.P. John Wetton

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Prog rock mourns death of King Crimson and Roxy Music bassist John Wetton

Saw Asia at the Massey Hall during their first tour. Enjoyed his work with King Crimson and UK (I like the first LP very much, but "Danger Money" is not bad).

Cancer had claimed another fine musician.

R.I.P. John Wetton
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And here I was thinking that the gap since the last such announcement here had been pleasingly long, and a refreshing change of pace since 2016.

yet another gone before 70.
oh wow, loved Asia when I was a little kid. really fun tunes.
I haven't followed Wettons life in recent years so this comes as a surprise....I kinda thought Steve Howe would go first. doesn't exactly look healthy.
sorry to hear this - great bassist and vocalist. I also saw Asia on one of their first tours at Le Colisee in Quebec City. I got into King Crimson later on - His vocal performance on "Lament" remains a favorite of mine as well as his vocal take on "Afterglow" on the Steve Hackett album "Genesis Revisited II".

You've got to wonder if Carl Palmer is a little nervous these days....He had some health issues a while back as well. Some of my favorite musicians dying young.
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Wow, this is a shock. Saw Asia here in London, Alumni Hall I think, great concert.
That sucks. The album "Red" by King Crimson was one of my fav albums back in the day.

I was just listening to some old KC last weekend. Another voice of some of our youthful years gone silent. So sad. R.I.P.

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Well, looks like I am pretty much listening to Wetton era KC all day long! Interesting to hear him do older material above; three of my favourite songs.
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