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Quiz - what's this guitar?

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A couple of years ago there was a concert on TV with Luba playing at Montreal's Spectrum. Her guitarist, Donald Meunier, is playing an acoustic guitar that shows no sound holes but looks to have a classical guitar head and maybe even nylon strings. The guitar looks to have a thin body too - not thick like a normal acoustic.

I can't see any name on it. Any idea what it is?

By the way, Donald sounds like a great guitarist. I see he's done work with Cirque de Soleil and Gino Vanelli etcetera. What's his bio?
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mandocaster said:
Look like any of these?
It was similar but it had no selector switches on the upper bout. Godin was the first guitar I thought of when I saw it but they didn't have a similar model. I'm thinking that the guitar in question is a custom job.

Yes, it otherwise had a classical head and a single cutaway and no soundhole. Maybe it's a custom Godin.
rollingdam said:
a Rick Turner Renaissance?
I doubt it. His didn't look as 'different' as those :confused-smiley-010
It looked like a thin, single cutaway, classic headed, no soundhole acoustic - very much like a Godin Multiac but minus the switches on the upper bout.
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