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Question threads in For Sale section

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If you post a general interest question like this one WTB: - Combo Tube Amp, in a paid subscription section, you'll only receive answers from paying members. You might miss a lot of good info.

Just saying ...
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What? I just viewed a For Sale ad and it will not let me reply to it. Wasn't aware of that, and it seems to be a bit limiting for regular members.

Is is something new?
Exactly where I'm going with this. Not the first time I want to reply but can't. If you want info on a product for sale, you have to contact the buyer directly. So seller might have to answer the same request a few times to different interested members, because his answer to me won't be made public.
It seems like a 'want to buy' thread rather than a discussion thread, thus it is in that section.
Well ... to quote Muskoka Man: I am looking to the wisdom of the forum to guide me in my search, and All suggestions welcome. To me, it sounds more like a question to all, not just to paying members.
Indeed Kerry. My question was more aimed at this particular thread, where the member asks opinions from members in general.
I'll live with that.
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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