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You are in the same situation I was in awhile back. I LOVED my CIJ 52' RI Fender, but I grew to not like the 7.5 radius neck and the vintage frets. I had to decide whether to sell it and buy another Tele, or replace the neck.

In my case I stumbled apon an American Series Ash Tele from a guy I buy from in the States for a great price. It's basically the same specs but with a 9.5 radius neck and medium jumbo frets. It was a great deal, so I sold my CIJ and got the AmSe for only about $100 more.

Fender necks sell for a lot on eBay though. You could sell yours for enough to almost cover a replacement I'd imagine. That was the other option I had. If I hadn't come across that AmSe I would have gone that route.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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