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Proper shielding can make a huge difference, but it greatly depends on the environment that you are playing in.

I use a 3M copper tape that has a conductive adhesive and I cover that with a Permacel polypropylene tape to prevent any shorting.

Shielding the pickup and switch cavities isn't a bad idea, it can just be a hassle as you'll have to ground the shield there as well. Another thing that can help is using a coaxial wire for your longer runs of cable, for instance the ones from the pickups and the ones from the switch if it is located far away like on a LP.

Another concept that I like to use is what is called a Star ground, which basically consists of bringing all of your grounds to one central location. This can make it easier to avoid ground loops and to keep track of your wiring, especially if you are installing a complicated circuit.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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