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QOTSA with Royal Blood

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Queens of the Stone Age with Royal Blood opening.

Sept 9, Budweiser Stage, Toronto
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Gotta say - took my 15 year old to Buffalo to check out Royal Blood a couple nights ago and it was spectacular. Cool venue (Town Ballroom) for my son's first "club show". We got there a couple minutes before the opener started so I saw an opportunity to make sure we adequately hydrate ourselves as the crowd left the bar closest to us to check out the band. The gal behind the bar didn't notice my son had 2 very large black X's across the backs of his hands (one of 3 underage kids we saw) so after he flashed his hands in youngster shame, she suggested we hang at the end of the bar with her - me at the end of it off-limits to the public and my son on some stairs just behind me. Worked out golden for us. Needless to say, he is now a big fan of smaller venues (maybe 1.000 sold out?)

It didn't hurt that where we stayed offered us a Range Rover and a private driver for the night so we had our transportation to and from taken care of - and my wife and other kid could use it while we were at the show to see some sights and go for milkshakes.

All round great night for us. Too bad I already made plans to roadtrip with a buddy the weekend they play Toronto with QOTSA - wouldn't think twice about seeing them again.

View from where we were that my son took - and if you can find him, the last picture has their drummer attempting to run a lap around the maybe 6" wide drink ledge around the 200+ person mosh pit during their big ending. Crazy. Took my son a second to figure out what he was up to so it's a lousy pic, but it does capture the lunacy of the situation...

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I saw them with the Foo Fighters in Detroit a couple summers ago and would have to agree they put on a great show. I wasn't as close since it was a 15,000 capacity venue but it was a rocking concert for sure. I was planning on catching them on this leg of the tour as well with QOTSA.
1/22/18 Save On Foods Memorial Centre, Victoria BC
1/24/18 Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC
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