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PSA If you use Photobucket

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If your account is still active I would suggest going there and downloading any pictures you want to keep.
There are people reporting that they can't gain access to their pictures after getting the email about the new terms of agreement.
I was able to get what I wanted off but my account seems to still be functioning for now.
It seems the accounts are being locked as you receive the email.

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I downloaded all of my stuff a couple of months ago, I could see this coming. I received the email and ignored it, everything still seems to work for now but I'm gradually moving over to Imgur until i find something better.
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Yeah reading the terms now, free account no longer allows linking. Expect all my pics from forever to die, there must be several hundred linked to GC.
Same here.
I just used the Download Album tab on PB .
It put all the pics from one album in a Zipfile which I then downloaded and then I extract them.
Win10 opens them for me.
exactly how i did it.
Your picture I can see, Steadlys I cannot.
Same here.
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