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PSA If you use Photobucket

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If your account is still active I would suggest going there and downloading any pictures you want to keep.
There are people reporting that they can't gain access to their pictures after getting the email about the new terms of agreement.
I was able to get what I wanted off but my account seems to still be functioning for now.
It seems the accounts are being locked as you receive the email.

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I haven't decided what to use yet,wish I knew more about setting up my own domain/hosting platform.
I think the pics will still show where you linked them, you might just not be able to use the URLs anymore. If I transfer all the images I have there, they will all disappear from everywhere I posted them.
They will show until they get around to your account,several guy's links on TGP have been replaced with a notification to upgrade.
It's a mess,if you don't upgrade to the $399 package ,your pics will eventually be replaced with said notification.
It's like they want the site to fold , maybe a planned bankruptcy .
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So, one way or another, I'll would have to repost ALL the images I put on forums. Not doing it.
That's what it will come down to, I doubt I will do it either.
It sucks .
I noticed my pics weren't showing on forums a couple of days ago.

Recommendations For Free Picture Hosting Websites?
Can you still access your PB account and download or delete your pics ?
I've tried a couple different ways to start saving pics off of PB, but though it seems I can get the files on my computer, Win10 won't open them. File extension says .jpeg , PB must be screwing around preventing this.

Got any step by step instructions?
I just used the Download Album tab on PB .
It put all the pics from one album in a Zipfile which I then downloaded and then I extract them.
Win10 opens them for me.
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Same here.
I have a bunch too,it's too bad they decided to change the game rules late in the second half .
i cant even see anything at all, the page will no longer load for me
That happened earlier to me too. I expect the site is getting hammered as people are finding out about this and getting their stuff off.
You see this pic ? I just opened the image in another window and copied the URL.
You guys must be on the wrong side of the fence. Maybe the different civil code (The Napoleonic Code), prevents them from screwing us ?

They just haven't got to you yet.
they will .

I can still post too,I don't expect it to last .
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So, I gather some of you use(d) Photobucket as a safe storage space ? The only reason I upload images on such websites, is to get an URL to post it somewhere. Never would it cross my mind, to rely on a website to keep my images safe for me. All my images are on my hard disks, with backups.
My bucket account was still working too when I decided to close it out.
I only used Photobucket for pics for online posting too,
I only saved what I had on there because they have been cropped, resized and organized into different folders for posting purposes.
Downloading it all will have saved the time of redoing all that for the next hosting site I use.
As far as I know PB will still function as usual as a storage location without a fee,but that' not what I need it for,so my account is gone.
Just accessed this photo (July 2nd), added title and description. No I have not checked the new terms of agreement.

I believe PhotoFucket also monitors 3rd party hosting numbers. When you reach your maximum number allowable under the free or no advertising plan, you get cut off from hosting. I'm only at 2% capacity and use this site only for hosting and I resized all my photos down for the internet.
Still gone though, I resized all mine for posting too,that's why I downloaded everything off the PB site,so I wouldn't have to resize again.
I deleted my account days ago,it still active for some reason.
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