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PRS Tremonti

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My step-son is looking for the stud bolts on the tail piece of his PRS Tremonti SE.

Can anyone point us to a place that will ship. He lives in Northern Ontario.

I live in the Belleville-Kingston corridor and will making the trip up there the second week of July.

Any and all help appreciated.:smile:
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Any help ???:smilie_flagge17:
I may have the originals from my recently-sold SE (swapped for TonePros). PM me (or call me at The Arts weekdays 905-898-7164) and I'll see if I can find them. No charge to help-out another muso brother!-Eric
How do you guys like the Tremonti? I've been offerred one as a trade for my Ibanez RG, wondering if its worth considering?
Here's my Ibanez:
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