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prs trem or floyd rose

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What are the differences and which one is better overall?
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I don't personally intonate at a gig, but I can see if someones ear was refined enough that it could drive a guy nuts and make them do a quick intonation tweek during a gig. I'm not saying your ear isn't refined Milkman, just that others might be bothered enough that a quick intonation change keeps the sanity.

Now lets just leave it at that guys! It's starting to get personal, and I don't want to close another thread.

Milkman said:
When I hear or read something that I believe to be false, I call BS.

If that ruffles feathers, so be it.

Actually what you did was tell someone they are nuts for intinating at a gig. I had absolutely nothing to do with something that is false. It wasn't direct name calling but indirectly that's what you were doing.

You kept at it, poking little jabs here and there and you really didn't have to. If KHINGPYNN hadn't walked away you'd still probably be at it.

Food for thought!
Milkman said:
Intonating at a gig IS nuts. Again I call them as I see them. I have never seen ANYone intonate a guitar between sets. Perhaps if a saddle fell off or something extreme like that, but let's get real here.

Food for thought? Here's some food for thought.

BS is BS
Thinking it's nuts is fine, and posting that is fine as well, but continually posting it and being an arrogant ass about it isn't called for.

We want this place to be a place that everyone can enjoy and it's simple as being nice. Can you possibly do that? If not here's a link for you:
ne1roc said:
I've been trying to avoid this part of the thread but when you think about it, if you had to intonate between sets, I would think that there is an issue with either the tremolo or the guitar? No?
Not necessarily, as strings stretch out and get gunked up the intonation will move around. It's slight and it might be enough to bother some.
Milkman said:
And is this proper comduct for a moderator?

Directing faithful contributors to Harmony central after referring to them as an "arogant ass"?

I don't really care if you like me or not.

YOU sir are stepping out of line.

Perhaps the administrators should be making such decisions.

I asked you to be nice and if you can't go to HC. So you are saying you just can't?

Personally, I don't have a problem with you, I'm just responding to multiple complaints and I'm asking you to be nice and quit coming across as an arrogant ass.

You can take it to PM now. Or you can contact the admins if you still feel I'm completely wrong and you are right.

1 - 5 of 82 Posts
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