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prs trem or floyd rose

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What are the differences and which one is better overall?
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Milkman said:
In general the Floyd Rose and derivitive systems are the best designs for tuning stability, regardless of style of play.

Tonally I think a skilled player can get pretty much anything he or she wants out of a FR.

I personally think the FR is one of the most significant developments in the evolution of the electric guitar.

It's a better mousetrap, plain and simple.

I disagree, no trem can match the stability, agility, and quality of a Petrucci Ernie Ball Music Man trem.
ne1roc said:
Well this is great to hear!!! I will be ordering a Petrucci in the next month or two!!!!! I need a tremolo that will really hold out like a floyd rose. Are you 100% serious? I'm a big EVH/Vai fan so this would be helpfull info!! :banana:
Dude first off congrats for make what I consider the best decision any man can make. Not only are you buying what I consider to be the best guitar (well if it was a seven it would be the best so second best :tongue: ) but you are also going to be part of a family that takes care of their customers. You are set for life. I've bought many used EBMM guitars and any parts I needed, I simply called customer service and, bang there it was in the mail free. Make sure you join the forums over there as well

as they will be friendly and very helpful should you need it.

Now onto the guitar. Forget everything you know about the Floyd, the Petrucci is way better. I have an EBMM JP7 and a Wayne Custome 7 string, hand made by Wayne Charvel, while I love both guitars, comparing the trems is like comparing night and day. I will never buy another Floyd equipped guitar again. Changing strings, intonating and tuning on a FLoyd is a pain in the butt, however on the Petrucci, it's like making love on a beech, with the waves brushing up against you...HEAVEN. Changeing strings with the locking tuners takes about a couple of minutes, and once those strings are stretched, and the tuners locked, that guitar will hold its tune, even during massive whammy bar acrobatics. Now let's say you want to intonate this baby, simply turn the set screw, there's no special tools required and no need to loosen the string, like on the Floyd. Again should you need to set the guitar up, well the Petrucci trem can be set to follow the exact radius of the fretboard,do to its individual saddle heoght adjustments, unlike MOST Floyds which have to lay flat. Finally, should the neck require some fine tuning, the EBMMs come with a unique feature that no other guitar has, the truss wheel adjustment at the base of the neck, which is easy to turn and requires no special tool, no plate removal nor neck removal.

Hey ask yourself, what other company has the owner posting on the forums asking members for input, plus showing prototypes to the members...I can go on and on.

Here is a video of demonstrating its tuning stability:

Look how compact it is:

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ne1roc said:
:D Ha, thats funny!

I was originally going for the 7 string but after trying one out, I realized I have have enough problems with 6 strings. Is the piezo equipt trem the same? Is that what you have?
No I wish I had the piezo, perhaps when I save up enough my next one will be one with the piezo, and yes the two bridges are exactly the same except for the piezo. Have you seen the new prototype?

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Milkman said:
How many people intonate during EVERY string change?

Sorry man, but that's NUTS!!

There will be extreme cases where a set of strings is noticeably different than others of the same brand and gauge, but I have many things to consider in terms of the overall sound of both the guitars and the band. If you applied this level of attention to every important element of your music, you'd never emerge from the basement.

For the record, I do check my intonation every time I change strings. It takes a couple of seconds per string and if it needed adjustment I would simply do it.

I'm not knocking the MM system, just pointing out that many of the complaints about FRs are insignificant and well, irelevent.

Again it all boils down to preference, however you have to admit that, in terms of design, there is an obvious difference...come on admit it. There's even a spot to rest your palm, whereas the Floyds had to come up with additional hardware to compete. The EBMM JP trem takes all of the best functions and combined them into one unique package. Can you adjust the individual saddle heights on your Floyd? I have my EBMM JP7 adjusted to 1/32' and that's on the Low B. With my Floyd equipped guitar, I cannot do that unless I go out and purchase shims, and then that would require a lot of work. We are not bashing, we are just stating the obvious. The Floyd was king of the 80's but what have they done to improve since then? The EBMM JP trem is a far superior design, and there's nothing no one can say to convince me otherwise. I have played most of the different trems out there, and there is no comparison, when one includes ALL of the benefits that come with EBMM JP trem.
Milkman said:
When you say something like "there's nothing you can say to convince me otherwise" there's not much point in discussing it further.
You got that right, only because I have played, owned, operated, and worked on the different choices. Why the hell would I want to go back to a Floyd?
Milkman said:
Because it's better, and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise?

Kidding of course.

The day I play a better system than an original FR, I'll buy it.
As long as we are happy, that's all that counts!
Milkman said:
Exactly right.

I wouldn't state that the FR is the best, only that it is the best so far for my tastes.
Well I was thinking about it a while back and they both definately have their pros and cons...I mean one downside of the EBMM JP trem is that you have to like the JP to have one, and unfortunately it's not for everyone, whereas the Floyd and it's licensee's can be found on all sorts of models. There I bet you'd never expected that response now did you...
Man I apologize if I had something to do with the slight increase in temperature, I think we all can agree on at least one thing, playing guitar is better than sex:banana:
MaxWedge said:
Better than sex?
Well I can play guitar on any night of the week, I can play hard or soft, heavy or laid back, with my GT-8 I can dial in almost any tone I so choose...shall I continue and describe my sex life, or is that far enough...:rockon2:
10, 9, 8, 7...Starting count down till thread closure
Milkman said:
I have never seen ANYone intonate a guitar between sets.
Not a Floyd anyway, but an EBMM JP, NO PROBLEM!:banana:
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