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There are many things that I like about my 2005 PRS SE EG guitar, but the biggest annoyance has always been when I slide my hand down towards the nut. It is like slamming your hand into a sharp object. So today I finally decided to take a look at it.

Compared to almost every other guitar that I own the PRS nut is like a large, wide, tall block, with sharp edges. It is one third to twice as wide as any other nut, and lots of extra material over the deeply cut string grooves.

After careful deliberation, I took a file to the sharp, high, pointy corner of the nut. That was not enough. Next I filed from the B to E string, lowering the nut height material over the string grooves, by more than half of what was originally there.

I can now feel a little more comfortable when my hand slides down to an open E chord. I am going to leave things like this for a few days, or so and come back to finesse, evaluate the problem area that was worked on. It will eventually be sanded, buffed, and polished for a smoother feel.

Am I alone on this experience with PRS SE guitars.

I feel there main concern was to make a durable, long lasting nut, but they really missed the boat on comfort.

I should have taken a before picture, all I have is this after, preliminary personal R and D picture.
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