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PRS - SC 245 new for 2007

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The SC 245 is part of PRS’ new model offerings in 2007, appealing to those players looking for a more vintage look, sound and feel. This Singlecut model features a 24.5” scale length, a thin headstock, a non-adjustable stoptail and vintage style tuning pegs. Also featured are 245 Treble and Bass Pickups with scuffed nickel covers. The guitar is available in all maple top covers and options include 10-top flame or quilt or artist package flame.
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probably costs an arm and a leg though...oh well.
If it was a double cut, it would DEFINITELY be my type of guitar.
with scuffed nickel covers
Why would they do that? You know this thing is going to be >$2000 -- why would I pay to have some one pre-abuse a guitar of that price? Especially given the rest of the guitar isn't relic-ed. It's like the made this guitar and then had these old, marked up, nickel PU covers so they threw them on and let marketing worry about how to spin it! I'm very curious to hear with a 24.5" PRS single cut is going to sound like.
I can't wait to try this model. Being the owner (current and former) of over 60 PRSi and a previous Canadian rep for the company. I have been waiting for this since the introduction of the McCarty in late 93'. I know at the time I had some discussion with Paul, Jack and Michael about this very style of guitar. Offering the public a more traditional "Gibsoned" version of the McCarty. They had made some prototypes with this scale length etc. It only took them 14 years to get it out. Being that I can play a PRS with far more ease than a Les Paul I'm delighted to have this kind of option for thise tones.
There is one on ebay right now.
I had my eye on this hoping to "steal" it. :wink: But it has gone beyond my threshold now. :frown:
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