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Privileges ?

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What privileges do I need to respond to an ad ?

And while I'm here ...

From Sutton QC, 15 clicks from the US border. Played bass for some time as a teenager, few bands. Best show was doing first part for Mahogany Rush at their beginnings, end of sixties.

In early 90's, I sold my Gibson Melody Maker SG bass and my Traynor YBA-3A head with two JBL 15" cabs ... for $400 ... yeah I know.

Started playing guitar again 4 years ago and got the bug.

Here's my actual arsenal.

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You need to be a supporting member to post in the for sale section. You can send a PM to another member, but not start or post on a thread
Even just to reply, comment, I have to pay ?
Even just to reply, comment, I have to pay ?
Yes, in the for sale section. You can reply or comment in any of the other sections except that one.
Click on the sellers name then hit start conversation to send them a message. No subscription required.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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