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Pricing Question for Guitar Im gunna sell :)

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I have a Jackson JS1 guitar ( I bought when i was a beginner (I didnt know a lot about guitars, and I asked my parents to buy it mainly because it looked cool haha. I had only been playing about a year). Anyway, I dont like that way the guitar plays etc etc.

I put a Seymour duncan Custom Custom ( , and Pearly Gates ( pickup in the guitar, which cost me around 230$. I was wondering if I would be better off selling the guitar with the pickups still in it, or if I would be better off selling it with the stock pickups, and then selling the pickups separately (probably would sell both pickups to the same person to avoid problems, but Ill see).

The guitar is a cheap one, but I suppose it would be fine for any beginner.

Also, what do you guys think I can make off this? 300$? Remember, this is Canadian dollars lol.
I also want to sell my "old" fender frontman 15G practice amp. It sells for about 100$ Canadian new right now, so im thinking of selling it for 65$ Canadian. Do you guys think that is too much to ask? It is in perfect condition (no scratches or any visible wear, and the amp works fine, it does buzz a bit but it came like that haha).
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You'll probably take a loss on the guitar either way, thats just the nature of cheap guitars. I don't think the pickups are going to help the price of the guitar much, I would take them out and keep them for future projects (unless your giving up playing all together) and sell the guitar for what you can get.
I agree with Kevin, you'll never get the money for the pickup upgrade, better to put originals back in and sell it.
aah ok then, so do you guys think, if I put the original pickups back in, could I sell the guitar for about 100$? Im not sure what to price it at. And what would I put for the price of the other items (excluding pickups)

edit: I put schaller straplocks on, so thats like an extra 200$ right? jk. maybe 10$ more.
I've seen a few go on eBay for about $120 + shipping in very good condition. $180 (maybe less) is probably the most you'd get, if you sell privately... if you take it to a shop, you'll get a lot less (naturally, they need to make a profit).

Pickups, maybe in the $180 range for both... amp, $65 sounds reasonable. Just throw everything up with prices and add "or best offer".

What I do with shit I don't want anymore is just straight up trade it for something I need, whether it be equal or less "retail" value... it's better to have something you need or want rather than have something sit in the corner and not be touched, lol.
Ill probably put it all on the bargain finder/craigslist or something. Thanks for the help everybody! I will probably list the pickups at 180$ OBO and the guitar at 180 OBO. Thanks!
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