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i am thinking of swapping out some pre amp tube just coz mine are getting old on my jcm 800.

i was wondering can the differences in pre amp tubes really be heard? i am just doing a little bit of research on how different brands of pre amp tube sound. seems like some will give me more highs and less bass etc.

but in a blind fold test, can we really hear the difference? new tubes will sound different because it's new. i see a lot of people paying big bucks for NOS tubes and is it really worth it? don't get me wrong, i am not judging. i am always up for improving my tone. i am just a bit skeptical. i am sure a bit of tweaking in the amp's eq or an external eq can get different sound almost the same?

2nd question is can pre amp tube alter or have an affect in picking response? please share your thoughts.

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