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james on bass said:
Oh yeah. I also jammed with some guys a few times almost 2 years ago downtown off of York St. It was upstairs above and behind a flower shop. He was trying at the time to turn it into a rehearsal and recording studio. Tim Leclair was his name I believe. Advertises as a drum teacher around town.
Tim runs Sonic Simion studios on Adelaide street by St. James now. Teaches drum lessons out of there, and also does recording. Rehearsal time isn't that expensive (I think around $15 an hour), but he does charge for use of his drum kit and guitar amps. My band practiced there last winter, and probably again this winter once we get going again.

He's a cool guy, and provides quality insight into your playing and performance.

There's another one over by the fairgrounds in the basement of a Print shop. Practiced out of there for awhile but it was a little sketchy, and the owner would always show up late for rehearsal and tried to scam us out of some money. Sonic Simion is a million times better than that place.

There's a place called Blue Moon studios out in the east end that is sketchy as well, but cheap. I don't know too much about it, but my band used to practice there before I came in.

I saw an ad at Guitarworks for another studio that was a bit more expensive, but offered quality gear (PA, Marshall, Mesa) for a fee.
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